How do I plant a St. Augustine grass seed?

St. Augustine grass seed

Planting a St. Augustine grass seed is easy, and there are many different types of seeds you can plant! One type of seed that is popular for planting in yards or gardens is the St. Augustine grass seed.

St. Augustine grass seed is drought resistant and has a high nitrogen content which makes your lawn more healthy overall while also reducing fertilizer costs by lowering weed population through better competition.

You will need to first choose where you want your new lawn to be located, then determine how much space you have for the yard or garden area. Once these two things are determined, it’s time to buy some soil and some St. Augustine grass seeds!

St. Augustine grass seed 2

I prefer to buy a bag of soil from my local hardware store, and it costs around $20. I have about 200 square feet in the area that will be my new lawn, so I bought three bags of soil ($60). Once you get your seeds home from the store or garden center, they need to be planted immediately!

Follow these steps when planting a St. Augustine grass seed:

First, gently use your rake to remove the wild grass and weeds that have taken over. Dig up rocks or other debris with a shovel if necessary.

The depth of soil will depend on how level you want it; add more dirt for higher levels. Spread out topsoil evenly across the area until all is covered in dark rich earth ready to nurture new life!

Next, dig holes about six inches deep and then fill the hole with soil, not too full but enough to cover the st. Augustine grass seed. Now it’s time for seeds!

Dump about two tablespoons of St. Augustine grass seeds overtop the ground and gently press them into the topsoil so that they are covered by an inch or two of dirt; then water these in well, continuing to do this every day for a week until you see some green coming up from below.

The most important part is replanting your seedlings before it’s too late!

For more information on the best type of mulch, soil, and fertilizer to use for your St. Augustine grass seed or any other plants you may want to grow in your yard, contact GreenBlooms today!

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