How do you start a garden for beginners?

garden for beginners - Tips

How to garden for beginners – Do you have a green thumb that will grow anything? If not, don’t worry! This article is for those who want to learn how to start a garden but are completely lost on where to begin. We’ll go over what kind of plants work well in pots and containers […]

How do I plant a St. Augustine grass seed?

St. Augustine grass seed

Planting a St. Augustine grass seed is easy, and there are many different types of seeds you can plant! One type of seed that is popular for planting in yards or gardens is the St. Augustine grass seed. St. Augustine grass seed is drought resistant and has a high nitrogen content which makes your lawn […]

Gardening Tips For People Living During A Pandemic


Many people are concerned about the future of our planet and what it will look like in the coming years. One thing that is certain, however, is that there will be many challenges to overcome. One such challenge is gardening during a pandemic. In this blog post, I want to share some tips for how […]

Everything You Need to Know About Soil Quality: Fertilizers, Ingredients & Benefits

fertilizers 1

Gardening is a wonderful hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The quality of your garden will greatly depend on the soil and its nutrients, which is why we are going to focus on fertilizers today. There are two types of them: natural and artificial ones. Natural fertilizers such as compost provide […]